Auschwitz-Birkenau Best Value Private Tour

Auschwitz-Birkenau Best Value Private Tour


  about 7 hours

  most often we start from Krakow between 7:30am-9:00am, but we can start at a different times as well

  a comfortable, air-conditioned car or van with WIFI and a phone charging socket 

  from 75 euro


    The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Oświęcim, less than 70 km from Krakow, was created on the grounds of the former Nazi German concentration camp. The camp was established in the nearby suburbs of Oswiecim, in the mid-1940s. Its second part Auschwitz (II) - Birkenau was established about a year later. It is the most recognizable symbol of the Holocaust and human genocide in the world. The Memorial Site is an area of almost 200 ha, over 150 buildings, and about 300 ruins, including remains of gas chambers and crematoria destroyed by the Germans. The trip includes permanent exhibitions, original buildings of the main Auschwitz camp and the most important buildings of the Auschwitz (II) - Birkenau camp.


This tour is available from Your accommodation adress in Krakow 


    This tour option adapts to the needs of customers looking for a more sophisticated proposal. Customers will join a group of approximately 30 people visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau with a guide, but they will travel by private car. This means that, for example, they can stop along the way at a selected restaurant. Customers can add their own ideas/solutions to the trip independent from the organized group where they have to follow a planned tour schedule. Write us your suggestions and we will advise you on how to add them.
    The Best Value Private Tour option allows you to maintain influence over the duration of the trip. A modern vehicle with a high-quality trim will make the ride even more enjoyable. After the tour, our driver will take you to your chosen destination in Krakow. Be it a unique restaurant where you can spend a nice evening or another of the many attractive places that Krakow has to offer.

    The price includes pick-up from Your accommodation or any point You give us for meeting, an admission ticket, bottled water, a tour with a professional guide in English and transport back to Krakow. 

    If you are interested in lunch, this is an additional paid option (30pln per person), ask the driver for it at the beginning of the tour or write us that info in comments in your reservation. We have several versions, including vegan or vegetarian, order and save time in queues during the break between the two parts of the museum.

praktyczne wskazówki PRACTICAL TIPS

  • Free WIFI is available all the time on board of our cars.
  • We recommend choosing lunch in the additional options (extra paid to the driver), a perfect complement to our offer, filling, full of healthy ingredients lunch-box in three versions to choose from, it will be a great solution on the go.
  • The trip is possible every day of the week, regardless of the weather. In the case of rainy weather, we have umbrellas and raincoats. We recommend taking comfortable shoes and warmer clothes with you in case of bad weather.
  • The maximum size of the bag/backpack that you can bring to the mine is 30cm / 20cm / 10cm, if you have more luggage with you, you can leave it in our car where it will also be safe. At the client's request, the company can rent for the duration of the visit a sachet for handy things.
  • Photographing and filming require no special permit.
  • A short break and the possibility of using the toilet appears consecutively about 90 minutes from the beginning of the tour.
  • People with disabilities can rent a wheelchair in the museum for free, but they are obliged to have a guardian who will help them navigate the museum. Drivers are not allowed to enter the museum exhibition area. 




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